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Tijdhof office

Tijdhof & Daverschot

It has become increasingly rare for a brand to not reboot its identity every month or year. Or a user interface that ‘needs’ a total overhaul every week.

At Tijdhof & Daverschot they still recognize and appreciate the quality I delivered more than a decade ago. It’s still standing.
How very appropriate for a Notary’s office (that’s been around for more than a century).

Want some long-lasting quality content? Hire me.

Poem for Circular Accelerators

Circulaire Versnellers

Eva and Wiebe are on a mission: acceleration of transition towards circular economy. Hire them and your ship shall receive a massive jet engine (or a few masts hoisted with enormous sails, to stay in the sustainable metaphor).

For me and the Circular Accelerators it feels like a logical step to work together — we feel some alignment in our poetics around the future for our planet and the next generations.

How does one verbalize such a wide and diverse range of activities in short prose (understandable by all sorts of folk)? Exactly. They called me. It's what I'm good at. I wrote their Manifesto.

Want some? Need some? Hire me.



A totally autonomous literary playground with complete freedom of expression. A growing number of subscribers that I take with me on the road to the bookstore near your home. An incentive to write. To create. To produce.

The platform is Patreon. The format is a monthly magazine, with stories, essays, poems, lots of crazy stuff. All my own.

Although… all? Not anymore: it’s already growing out of its jacket — because the first guest contributors have published in Avondnova.

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Studio Bronts works

In the last decade, I’ve worked with a lot of brands and organizations. Most of the time, the stories were already there. They were spread around the floor, waiting to be picked up. I only had to hand them over in the right shape and size. Here’s my added value. Your story. Told. To your customers.


The Artistry of something that did not exist before. Something you could call pure Magic. One moment it was not there… and the next: yes, I thought it up. The foundation of how your brand wants to communicate. And now it can be yours. Hire me.


Before anything reaches someone’s senses, it has to be thought through thoroughly. The concept has to make sense. Every expression — in every channel, on every platform, through every medium. When everything derives from a sound foundation… only then do the brand fans perceive a consistent tone. Something to rely upon. Hire me. This is what I do best.


I’m a kind of Lyrical Alchemist — at the crossroads of artistry and business. What your brand needs to put into words, I’m able to write. What does your brand have to say? Where’s the conversation? My pen and voice are yours to use. So make good use of it. Of me. So to speak. Commercial. Campaigns. Communication. The whole sha-bang!


Every case, every client, every moment is singular. Nothing off-the-shelf. All bespoke work. All based on more than a decade of solid experience. So… yes: you now know a guy who does custom work. And only custom work. Get in touch. We’ll go into town.